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Jack Ma
The founder of "Alibaba" Jack Ma had said once:
To make the poor people happy is the most difficult!
-> Give them something for free, say: "It's a trap!"
-> Tell them it's a small investment that say: "Then you can not earn a lot here."
-> Tell them it is a big investment, say: "I do not have that much money."
-> Tell them, try something new, say: "I have no experience."
-> Tell them it is a traditional business that say: "It is very difficult".
-> Tell them it's a new business model that say: "It is a pyramid".
-> Tell them, would open your own business, say: "It is not certain whether the running".
All these people have something in common. Googling, ask their friends who are just as hopeless. The more superior as a professor at the university and make less than a blind man.
Just ask what they can, and they can not respond.
My conclusion: Poor people fail only because where "runs the whole life in anticipation"!